Valentine’s Day: 5 olfactory paradises to give away with My Way

A trip with a departure ticket… and nothing in the suitcase. Just you and the freedom to be yourself. Isn’t that a good gift? If you think so… then My Way is the perfect gift for you and, of course, for anyone you want. Discover the five perfumes in the collection, choose the one that best suits your Valentine’s Day personality… and you will succeed.

My Way, an inner journey: the perfume that respects and enhances your essence

This Valentine’s Day, Jimmy Boyd proposes a real discovery trip for you, your partner, your best friend or your family. For whoever you want! Because love goes beyond all formats and schemes. My Way is a trip and five destinations where you can discover and be seduced by your essence: Kathmandu, Scotland, Ibiza… Choose your perfume or the perfume of the person you want to give as a gift among its five scented landscapes. Among its five overwhelming personalities. Just go into Jimmy Boyd’s Shop and pick.

My Way is the perfume collection that talks about you.

Forget about impersonal gifts: recurring motives that don’t identify you or the person you love. Surprise with a new suit: an air of captivating personality. Your Valentine’s Day will love to find out what its essence is or discover its fragrance made half an orange. The strength of the My Way fragrance collection lies precisely in what it wants to convey: the freedom to be ourselves, to make our own decisions and our attitude when it comes to following our own path, being true to ourselves.

Scotland, Ibiza, India… What is the journey of a lifetime?


In this fragrance Jimmy Boyd understands love as the expression of the heart. Love as an engine of life and soul. The chord of the essence of the rose, which is feeling, and the essence of thrush, a reflection of free and open spaces, inspire loving in freedom.


Sprin Rain Water is inspired by a walk through the woods and the mysterious encounter of the perfumer with a nymph. From its essence comes a fragrance that evokes the deep forest and mother nature as a source of beauty and natural elegance.


Whisky Fragance is a fragrance for which Jimmy Boyd replaces part of the traditional alcohol for perfumery with authentic SINGLE MALT WHISKY and creates a powerful blend of scented wood.


In the 1970s, the island shattered Jimmy Boyd’s old schemes and taught him to connect with the imposing Mediterranean nature. Ibiza is a fragrance inspired by its citrus airs, the Ibizan countryside and the essences of verbena and thyme reinforced at the end with amber.


The mystery, sensuality and spirituality coexist in a perfume. A fragrance fruit of the perfumer’s fascination for a captivating city, Kathmandu: its contrasts, deep colors and the joy of its people.