Nature as a beginning and perfume as an end

When we started our professional career in the world of natural perfume 40 years ago, we knew that for us it was not going to be a fashion, nor a new business or product division. We knew that such a basic and seemingly naked attribute (only in appearance) was going to be something else:’ natural’. A way of doing. A commitment to a career and more than an adjective that sets us apart from the competition as expert perfumers.

Thus we embarked on a career that would set us apart by developing natural fragrances and perfumes articulated under a’ mother’ premise: nature as a source of inspiration and, at the same time, as a means to achieve the essence of our products, its soul and its body. Nature as a symbol of perfection, subtlety and intensity, freshness and seduction, has never ceased to inspire us when it comes to making natural perfumes.

Nature, source of inspiration in essence and composition

At Jimmy Boyd we are aware of what it means to create products with a natural/bio/organic name. After almost 40 years, for us it is not a process that we have to comply with, a mere test to pass, but it governs our essence as master perfumers. It is not an obligation, but an acquired and sought-after responsibility. You may wonder why we do not submit to the criteria of any certifier. The answer is clear: the simple fact that there are many of them indicates that they don’t even agree on where the boundaries are and Jimmy Boyd Perfumer is not a certifying body either. Jimmy Boyd Perfumer is committed in each product to offer maximum fidelity and respect for nature as an element of elements. To achieve the best balance between beauty and nature. Our Biorganic Fragrance Collection Statement of Principles brings together what we believe in and how we do it.

Biorganic Collection: fragrances with bio and organic components

In the preparation of Biorganic, for example, we add the fresh grass or freshly picked flower to macerate and enhance its natural perfume. In addition, in this collection we incorporate leaves, branches or petals, of Bio origin, visible in its packaging, which make the resulting fragrance have a much more natural connotation. In fact, the commitment to bio-organic quality means that its essences must be of natural, organic and/or wild origin, suitable for vegan people, and always with natural ingredients that respect the ozone layer, a non-carbonated spray valve and recyclable packaging.

Why are Jimmy Boyd’s fragrances and perfumes natural?

Jimmy Boyd does not use solvents, preservatives, synthetic dyes or materials from the animal world. We use raw materials according to the availability of origin: these may come from natural biological cultivation, traditional natural cultivation, natural wild or artificial organic cultivation from natural product, but they will not come from extensive or accelerated crops or irrigated by chemical components. In some cases and in the absence of all of the above, raw materials approved for food use according to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulations are used.

All in all, this is how, so that you can feel its olfactory qualities, freshness and purity of its fragrances, Jimmy Boyd works in formulas with a completely natural composition, with organic and biological elements.  Would you like to try it? Contact us: we would love to send you our samples.