Jimmy Boyd receives AEDEPI‘ s’ Gold Medal’ for his compromise with beauty

Jimmy Boyd’s constant commitment to beauty in the form of perfume is a path that Jimmy Boyd has traveled for nearly 4 decades. Curious, tenacious and free, the perfumer has only obeyed his natural instinct, increasingly fascinated by the innate beauty of nature. Today this path is consolidated in a professional career full of creativity, effort and innovation in the field of perfumery, has added a new recognition from the prestigious Spanish Association of Image Professionals (AEDEPI).

This is how, last December took place the presentation of the Gold Medal Awards awarded by this association year after year at the prestigious Hotel Westin Palace in Madrid. Led by the TV and radio presenter and vice-president of the association, Agustín Bravo, the gala honored different institutions, companies and professionals in recognition of their prestige and professional trajectory in the world of Image. The president of this association is Petro Valverde.

Jimmy Boyd, a pioneer in alternative and emotional perfumery

As many of you already know, Jimmy Boyd Perfumista’s innovative and free spirit has made him a pioneer in the field of emotional and organic perfumery through a wide range of lines. This is the only way Jimmy Boyd has been able to develop, for example, the concept of alternative perfumery through perfumes inspired by cities and the character of their people all over the world. It’s just an example. The Gold Medal has been the perfect setting to highlight a long career that sets us apart for developing a large number of natural, sensitive and inspiring fragrances and perfumes.

A souvenir for all beauty professionals

As it could not be otherwise, the gala put the emphasis on all those professionals who have made their career a tribute to image and beauty. The beauty centers of Carmen Navarro; Alexei Garvia hairdressers; Dr. Elizabeth García Bonome, founder of the Clinics Bonome and Mercedes Garrosa Cenalmor of the center: Tizho’s, among others, had special mention during a delivery that we will remember as a brilliant, sincere and elegant encounter, that we will keep in our memory with affection and pride.