Get free samples of your favorite BIORGANIC fragrances

Getting a perfume right is complicated. The range is so wide that we often fall into the temptation (or comfort) of not trying new formulas, of not daring to wear a’different dress’. That’s why at Jimmy Boyd we’ve set up a free sample delivery service for a limited time.

Free shipping of Biorganic fragrance sample wipes

Yes, yes, yes… you have read it correctly: we will send you the Jimmy Boyd fragrance samples to the address you indicate at no cost. Wherever you want! We haven’t gone mad. On the contrary, we’re sure you’ll love to try the fragrances without rushing, at home, in the office, wherever you tell us. The aim is that you can try up to three fragrances from the Biorganic so that you can choose the right time for each of them and decide which one best suits your lifestyle, your personality, your skin, your time of day…

If you doubt which fragrance Biorganic buy why not try it without any compromise?

The Biorganic collection has a common denominator, however, it is natural and free. That’s why we want to remove obstacles and make it easy for you to choose your Jimmy Boyd fragrance, or why not, so that you can change as many times as you want, because each perfume in the collection transmits a different vibration based on the concept of aromatherapy.

Choose your 3 fragrances to try them out

Enter the web and discover which vibrations each one of them transmits and choose up to three fragrances. You can make any combination you want: energy (Lemon and Rose Water), harmony (Wild Rose Water), relaxation (Provencal Lavender Water)…. Combine the fragrances according to the moment. Biorganic collection makes it easy for you to get it right by sending free samples to the address you indicate. It’s that easy!

You’ll be delighted to know that….

Whatever you choose, all Biorganic fragrances contain organically grown, traditional and wild grown essential oils. In its elaboration we add the freshly picked plant or flower of organic origin to macerate and enhance its main olfactory note. What are you waiting for to sign up and choose your three free fragrance samples?