Declaration of principles


Jimmy Boyd creates natural and Bio perfumes and fragrances for his Eau de Cologne collection which contains bio-organic components.

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Jimmy Boyd’s BIORGANIC EAU DE COLOGNE collection is based on the following Bio-Organic principles:

        1. We love nature.
        1. We draw our inspiration from Nature to create our fragrances.
        1. We have 40 years of experience in the world of natural perfumes.
        1. We are well aware of what it means to create products of natural/bio/organic denomination.
        1. To do so we use raw materials according to availability*:
          • Grown in a natural biologic way
          • Grown artificially organic from a natural product
          • In some cases and in defect of the previously mentioned
          • we use raw materials suitable for food use according to the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulations.

*What is the reason for having this variety of origins and not just biologic ones?
Because at present there is still a very limited number of essences or essential oils grown biologically that allow the development of perfume formulas that are pleasant enough for the use of the general public.
In any case we do not use solvents or preservatives or materials from the animal world.

Why don’t we follow to the criteria of any certifier?

          For the simple fact that there are many of them, which indicates that they themselves do not agree to where the limits are; Jimmy Boyd perfumer is not a certifying entity.

Jimmy Boyd perfumer is committed in each product to offer maximum fidelity with Nature to achieve the best balance between beauty and naturalness.