Black Jimmy: 20% discount on Biorganic & Original Fragrances 1979

Black Friday at Jimmy Boyd, the opportunity to try our natural fragrances until November 24th.


Use it in shopping at our SHOP, in the collections BIORGANIC  and ORIGINALES1979

Did you know that Black Friday was first celebrated in Spain in 2012? It is so integrated in our calendar that we have practically forgotten when it arrived but at the moment we know that it has been done to stay. Be that as it may, few people don’t take advantage of this fantastic date to indulge themselves and Black Friday is a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy special discounts and get ahead of Christmas.

Jimmy Boyd also makes it a lot easier for you and we want you to have the best of this day but no queues, no rush, no stress, comfortably and from anywhere. That’s why we launched a very special offer in two of our most special collections with a great discount: 20% at Biorganic and Originals 1979 from Thursday 16th November.

Eau de Cologne Biorganic, the nature you feel in your skin

Give a counterpoint to the commercial boom at this time and make a different gift: take the best of nature’s vibrating nature. What do you mean? Biorganic allows you to choose your fragrance according to your mood or the vibration you want to enhance at every moment. A natural impulse that will define you in the most organic way and is found in the olfactory notes of Jimmy Boy’s fresh waters inspired by country lifestyle.

Aromatherapy: fragrances that transmit vibrations

Each of them transmits a vibration based on the principles of aromatherapy: Forest Water, Verbena Water, Wild Rose Water, Spring Rainwater, Lemon and Rose Water, Lemon Water, Lavender Provencal Water and Orange Blossom Water. All different and unique but with something in common: to elaborate them we have added the fresh plant or flower freshly picked from organic origin to macerate and enhance its main olfactory note. In fact, Eau de Cologne Biorganic is a fragrance collection based exclusively on bio-natural elements and organic compounds. A completely natural composition free of parabens and phthalates, suitable for vegan people, and presented with a gas-free spray valve and recyclable container.

Originals 1979, the essence of Jimmy Boyd made emotion

They are Originals because in them all the essence of Jimmy Boyd lives made emotion. We are talking about the Original Fresh Waters created in 1979, the year in which this love story begins to be written between the fragrance and the purest emotions conceived by Jimmy Boyd. With Originales 1979 you will feel a universe of olfactory qualities in the freshness and purity of its fragrances in a wide range of varieties also available in 500 ml family format.

Take advantage of this offer and enjoy Jimmy Boyd’s 1979 Original Biorganic and Aguas Frescas Collection with 20% from November 16th to 24th on this website with the special Black Friday promotion. Contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.